Renovation (part 3)

It’s been a while since my last update… stuff has been happening but very slowly and I  have some pictures but there’s nothing really visibly changed but here’s an update on the spend so far:

  • Previous Spend – £12.75
  • More Plumbing bits / Goggles – £5.98
  • Metal stud work – £35.42
  • Plumbing suppliers, labour and radiator – £310
  • Insulation batch 1 – £117.07
  • Plasterboard – £151.10

Total spend to date – £632.32

Ouch, I was all proud of the low figures I was spending but now I actually have to start buying stuff and paying tradesmen to put things back together again! Next big cost is the electrics :-O Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress so far:

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Renovation (part 2)

And so the destruction continues, over the last couple of weekends I’ve been beavering away, continuing the tear down in preparation for the rebuild and I’m bloody knackered :) I’ve also started keeping track of what I’ve spent so far…

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Renovation (part 1)

The Backstory!

So a few years ago both my grandparents died *sad face*and their house became our house. For a while we used it at the weekends, much like we did when we used to visit the grand rents :-) We put some new carpet down and made it a bit homely but it needed a bit of TLC. Then my uncle needed somewhere to stay so he rented it for a while, then my mum was considering downsizing and buying the house, so he moved out and she had a grandiose master plan to modernise the house, enter “the tester hole” :


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A world without facebook…

So after a while of trying to convince people without success to create an account on Diaspora, add me on jabber or hit me up on twitter, all of which would allow me to leave facebook without having to leave all my friends and family, I gave up.

I decided at that point that everyone but me was a muppet and I didn’t need them anyway and off I went, a return to the proper Internet where I wouldn’t be plagued with refreshing facebook a thousand times a day, but instead roaming free like a noble Ronin…


It’s been a couple of weeks now and the world has not ended! If you’re considering what actually happens after you leave, then I can tell you… nothing much, the world keeps turning. You might get a bit of grief from your family, but they are also on twitter so WTF leave me alone sis!

Here are some of the things I have learned:

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Rejoining the rat race!

So, my sick leave has come to an end and I’ve gone back to work this week!

I work mostly at home so not much has actually changed, except I’ll just be following orders from someone at work now instead of my wife :-) My employers have been brilliant throughout the whole ordeal and I’m glad to be back.. I’d high five someone but I’m acutely aware I’m talking to myself and no-one reads this blog :-P

Now I have to figure out how to make up 38 missed days utilisation without alerting the wife.

Woohoo! A firefox plugin…. but what does it do?

So I made my first Firefox plugin,  it doesn’t do much, very little at all really and I wouldn’t say it’s 100% stable either! In fact this plugin will almost certainly crash your browser at least once, still trying to figure out why but once it gets going it should be stable enough for a bit and then everything will be divine!

Anyway, if you want to give it a go, the link to the installer is below with some instructions.

Download Woohoo! Firefox Plugin


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Enabling RDP Remotely

So I was just fucking about with my blog while watching House of cards, and trying to remember how I mangled word press and wtf all these shell scripts were… so now that I’ve done all that, I feel I need to post something, anything , before I hit the 2 years between posts limit :-)

So, here’s a tip for enabling RDP remotely using WMIC!

wmic /node:<IP> /user:administrator /password:password path  Win32_TerminalServiceSetting where AllowTSConnections=”0″ call SetAllowTSConnections “1″


Disney Adventures!

Need a test post, just stealing this one that I made for Lisa’s blog :-)

We booked a trip to Euro-Disney for us and our three year old daughter arriving on a Thursday late afternoon and leaving Sunday night, we did the usual preparation before we left and asked for advice from people that had been before, checked trip advisor etc but essentially we were winging it. I’d like to give a bit of Disney advice (specifically for 3 year olds!) as well as reviewing the hotel, so apologies if you’ve heard it all before!

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