A world without facebook…

So after a while of trying to convince people without success to create an account on Diaspora, add me on jabber or hit me up on twitter, all of which would allow me to leave facebook without having to leave all my friends and family, I gave up.

I decided at that point that everyone but me was a muppet and I didn’t need them anyway and off I went, a return to the proper Internet where I wouldn’t be plagued with refreshing facebook a thousand times a day, but instead roaming free like a noble Ronin…


It’s been a couple of weeks now and the world has not ended! If you’re considering what actually happens after you leave, then I can tell you… nothing much, the world keeps turning. You might get a bit of grief from your family, but they are also on twitter so WTF leave me alone sis!

Here are some of the things I have learned:

  • Hard core geeks seem to be the only ones joining the Diaspora world, it’s probably because it’s a bit rough around the edges setup wise and things don’t run as smooth as they could but overall it is like a feature-poor facebook and considering it’s the features of facebook that were annoying me, this is the perfect home! (Except not one person from Facebook joined me *sob* )
  • Twitter shows you everything unlike facebook, which is good but it needs something to sort out the mess, between creating some category lists and tweet deck which I hadn’t known about before, I can now manage all the things!
  • Jabber and IRC are my two core communication methods, there’s no point trying to explain these things to the masses, those that want to use them do *shrugs*
  • I don’t have to look at peoples mundane shit any more! but at the same time I don’t have an audience on Diaspora or twitter to post my boring shit to either. I’ve got a reserve of boring shit that needs communicated and if I don’t unleash it then I might implode :-)
  • I think I might need another method to turn my mind off for brief moments, before I’d go to facebook and hit refresh a few times but now I don’t have anywhere for mental down time.

Facebook was pretty much turning in to a type of portal for me, it reminded me far too much of AOL in the 90′s where you are held in the “facebook” environment and access the Internet via them. This in combination with Facebook only showing me what they thought I should be looking at and trying to manipulate things like peoples moods was also uncomfortable… am I sad I left? yes, would I go back? no!

Most people know where I went but check out my Contact details for my other homes ! :-) I’ve also set up a diaspora pod and enabled public registration (with invite), if you want to try it out then give me a shout for an invite link.

Viva la internet!




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