Renovation (part 1)

The Backstory!

So a few years ago both my grandparents died *sad face*and their house became our house. For a while we used it at the weekends, much like we did when we used to visit the grand rents :-) We put some new carpet down and made it a bit homely but it needed a bit of TLC. Then my uncle needed somewhere to stay so he rented it for a while, then my mum was considering downsizing and buying the house, so he moved out and she had a grandiose master plan to modernise the house, enter “the tester hole” :


By the time she left that night we’d removed a radiator (with the help of Dial-an-uncle) and a wall and moved some electrics…

radiator1 wall1 capped-pipes

I wasn’t that bothered, it was going to be her house after-all and the work needed done anyway, that is until she changed her mind at the last minute! So the house was going to remain ours, I put the wall back up right? not really :-)

The tear down…

After a couple of weeks our own grandiose plan was put together and we decided to keep on going. The problem is renovating is a pain in the ass and needs time and cash so it’s going to be done very slowly but my mum lives around the corner so it’s handy for depositing Sophie at her Nanas while we get our builder on :-)

First the wall was tidied up, I think it is even more open than this picture now:


Then we give Sophie a hammer and went to the pub:


Then Lisa wanted to hit the fireplace as well:


and then it was practically gone :)


That weekend there was more work done for which I don’t have any pictures..mainly stripping skirting boards, wallpaper and removing a tongue and groove border from the hallway and stairs. That was it for a couple of weeks until I came back and decided to rip down the internal ceiling :-) muhaha

ceiling1 ceiling2

The ceiling was like that throughout all off downstairs:


And there was a massive kitchen unit that needed to go:


Here’s the main pile of rubble, there are 3 other small piles in different areas, if we ever get a fireplace built again we’ll have firewood for years! :)


I’m sure some time we’ll reverse the trend and start building it up again but for now there’s still more to destroy, tune in next time! :-)


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