Renovation (part 2)

And so the destruction continues, over the last couple of weekends I’ve been beavering away, continuing the tear down in preparation for the rebuild and I’m bloody knackered :) I’ve also started keeping track of what I’ve spent so far…

  • Previous Spend – £0
  • Radiator Key – £0.79
  • Electrical bits – £6.00
  • Plumbing bits (Pipe cap ends) – £5.96

Total spend to date – £12.75

So, what next?? I had accumulated a lot of wooden tongue and groove planks that would make good firewood so I spent the guts of a couple of days cutting it all up, my uncle was helping which involved him walking around tell me how to do things, smoking and occasionally taking some of the nails out of the wood in preparation for me cutting it.



Once (most) of the wood was cut up and out of the way, it was back to the job at hand, On with the pictures! Here’s one of the rooms with the batten removed.


Then I lifted the laminate floor in the living room, cement on one side where someone has leveled it off and a big chess board on the other :-)


Then lets just get rid of that extra frame bit:


Then go leaky pipe hunting:





Then time for some electrics!

IMG_1152 IMG_1157

Then just get rid of some extra walls and find a window :)


Then enlist the boss woman to help me drain the heating system so I can remove and cap off the pipes on the kitchen ceiling.

IMG_1204 IMG_1203

The pipes were above the tongue and groove under the plasterboard, no comment! anyway chopped off the longer pipes that were getting in the way of the ceiling tear down:


Then just get rid of some ceiling to let the plumber have access to the leaky pipe, while I was taking a break I also started picking at the tiles and ended up taking half of those away.

IMG_1214 IMG_1218 IMG_1215

Lisa also started some wall paper scraping but tune in to episode three for more info! And thanks to my uncle for doing a dump run in his Van!

Destroying stuff is one of the few things I feel comfortable doing myself! Alas I’m running out of things I can tear down. Another weekend and I’ll have to start paying someone that knows what they are doing :)


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