Teejay vs World http://www.teejay.org/blog Fri, 15 Jul 2016 17:11:03 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5 Renovation (part 3) http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/07/15/renovation-part-3/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/07/15/renovation-part-3/#comments Fri, 15 Jul 2016 17:08:42 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=333 Continue reading ]]> It’s been a while since my last update… stuff has been happening but very slowly and I  have some pictures but there’s nothing really visibly changed but here’s an update on the spend so far:

  • Previous Spend – £12.75
  • More Plumbing bits / Goggles – £5.98
  • Metal stud work – £35.42
  • Plumbing suppliers, labour and radiator – £310
  • Insulation batch 1 – £117.07
  • Plasterboard – £151.10

Total spend to date – £632.32

Ouch, I was all proud of the low figures I was spending but now I actually have to start buying stuff and paying tradesmen to put things back together again! Next big cost is the electrics :-O Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress so far:

Decided the upstairs bathroom stuff had to go!



Then I finished removing the rest of the plasterboard ceiling in the utility room:

ceiling-be-gone Where I found a little wasps nice :-O thankfully an old one!


Then finished removing the tiles in the kitchen and prepared to dump the greasiest old cooker in the world! half of it’s gone, still got half :)


Bit of metal stud work put up so this section can be boxed in properly, also redone the radiator pipes while here and got a new radiator.


One of a number of replaced/rerouted pipes:


Uncle has put up more stud work and I’ve a load of insulation to put in and loads of plasterboard being delivered next week… the question is, will it be at least liveable by August?!?



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Renovation (part 2) http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/03/28/renovation-part-2/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/03/28/renovation-part-2/#comments Mon, 28 Mar 2016 22:24:45 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=150 Continue reading ]]> And so the destruction continues, over the last couple of weekends I’ve been beavering away, continuing the tear down in preparation for the rebuild and I’m bloody knackered :) I’ve also started keeping track of what I’ve spent so far…

  • Previous Spend – £0
  • Radiator Key – £0.79
  • Electrical bits – £6.00
  • Plumbing bits (Pipe cap ends) – £5.96

Total spend to date – £12.75

So, what next?? I had accumulated a lot of wooden tongue and groove planks that would make good firewood so I spent the guts of a couple of days cutting it all up, my uncle was helping which involved him walking around tell me how to do things, smoking and occasionally taking some of the nails out of the wood in preparation for me cutting it.



Once (most) of the wood was cut up and out of the way, it was back to the job at hand, On with the pictures! Here’s one of the rooms with the batten removed.


Then I lifted the laminate floor in the living room, cement on one side where someone has leveled it off and a big chess board on the other :-)


Then lets just get rid of that extra frame bit:


Then go leaky pipe hunting:





Then time for some electrics!

IMG_1152 IMG_1157

Then just get rid of some extra walls and find a window :)


Then enlist the boss woman to help me drain the heating system so I can remove and cap off the pipes on the kitchen ceiling.

IMG_1204 IMG_1203

The pipes were above the tongue and groove under the plasterboard, no comment! anyway chopped off the longer pipes that were getting in the way of the ceiling tear down:


Then just get rid of some ceiling to let the plumber have access to the leaky pipe, while I was taking a break I also started picking at the tiles and ended up taking half of those away.

IMG_1214 IMG_1218 IMG_1215

Lisa also started some wall paper scraping but tune in to episode three for more info! And thanks to my uncle for doing a dump run in his Van!

Destroying stuff is one of the few things I feel comfortable doing myself! Alas I’m running out of things I can tear down. Another weekend and I’ll have to start paying someone that knows what they are doing :)


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Renovation (part 1) http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/03/14/renovation-part-1/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2016/03/14/renovation-part-1/#comments Mon, 14 Mar 2016 11:00:15 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=122 Continue reading ]]> The Backstory!

So a few years ago both my grandparents died *sad face*and their house became our house. For a while we used it at the weekends, much like we did when we used to visit the grand rents :-) We put some new carpet down and made it a bit homely but it needed a bit of TLC. Then my uncle needed somewhere to stay so he rented it for a while, then my mum was considering downsizing and buying the house, so he moved out and she had a grandiose master plan to modernise the house, enter “the tester hole” :


By the time she left that night we’d removed a radiator (with the help of Dial-an-uncle) and a wall and moved some electrics…

radiator1 wall1 capped-pipes

I wasn’t that bothered, it was going to be her house after-all and the work needed done anyway, that is until she changed her mind at the last minute! So the house was going to remain ours, I put the wall back up right? not really :-)

The tear down…

After a couple of weeks our own grandiose plan was put together and we decided to keep on going. The problem is renovating is a pain in the ass and needs time and cash so it’s going to be done very slowly but my mum lives around the corner so it’s handy for depositing Sophie at her Nanas while we get our builder on :-)

First the wall was tidied up, I think it is even more open than this picture now:


Then we give Sophie a hammer and went to the pub:


Then Lisa wanted to hit the fireplace as well:


and then it was practically gone :)


That weekend there was more work done for which I don’t have any pictures..mainly stripping skirting boards, wallpaper and removing a tongue and groove border from the hallway and stairs. That was it for a couple of weeks until I came back and decided to rip down the internal ceiling :-) muhaha

ceiling1 ceiling2

The ceiling was like that throughout all off downstairs:


And there was a massive kitchen unit that needed to go:


Here’s the main pile of rubble, there are 3 other small piles in different areas, if we ever get a fireplace built again we’ll have firewood for years! :)


I’m sure some time we’ll reverse the trend and start building it up again but for now there’s still more to destroy, tune in next time! :-)


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A world without facebook… http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/12/14/a-world-without-facebook/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/12/14/a-world-without-facebook/#comments Sun, 14 Dec 2014 13:17:30 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=100 Continue reading ]]> So after a while of trying to convince people without success to create an account on Diaspora, add me on jabber or hit me up on twitter, all of which would allow me to leave facebook without having to leave all my friends and family, I gave up.

I decided at that point that everyone but me was a muppet and I didn’t need them anyway and off I went, a return to the proper Internet where I wouldn’t be plagued with refreshing facebook a thousand times a day, but instead roaming free like a noble Ronin…


It’s been a couple of weeks now and the world has not ended! If you’re considering what actually happens after you leave, then I can tell you… nothing much, the world keeps turning. You might get a bit of grief from your family, but they are also on twitter so WTF leave me alone sis!

Here are some of the things I have learned:

  • Hard core geeks seem to be the only ones joining the Diaspora world, it’s probably because it’s a bit rough around the edges setup wise and things don’t run as smooth as they could but overall it is like a feature-poor facebook and considering it’s the features of facebook that were annoying me, this is the perfect home! (Except not one person from Facebook joined me *sob* )
  • Twitter shows you everything unlike facebook, which is good but it needs something to sort out the mess, between creating some category lists and tweet deck which I hadn’t known about before, I can now manage all the things!
  • Jabber and IRC are my two core communication methods, there’s no point trying to explain these things to the masses, those that want to use them do *shrugs*
  • I don’t have to look at peoples mundane shit any more! but at the same time I don’t have an audience on Diaspora or twitter to post my boring shit to either. I’ve got a reserve of boring shit that needs communicated and if I don’t unleash it then I might implode :-)
  • I think I might need another method to turn my mind off for brief moments, before I’d go to facebook and hit refresh a few times but now I don’t have anywhere for mental down time.

Facebook was pretty much turning in to a type of portal for me, it reminded me far too much of AOL in the 90′s where you are held in the “facebook” environment and access the Internet via them. This in combination with Facebook only showing me what they thought I should be looking at and trying to manipulate things like peoples moods was also uncomfortable… am I sad I left? yes, would I go back? no!

Most people know where I went but check out my Contact details for my other homes ! :-) I’ve also set up a diaspora pod and enabled public registration (with invite), if you want to try it out then give me a shout for an invite link.

Viva la internet!




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Rejoining the rat race! http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/10/01/rejoining-the-rat-race/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/10/01/rejoining-the-rat-race/#comments Wed, 01 Oct 2014 21:00:16 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=89 Continue reading ]]> So, my sick leave has come to an end and I’ve gone back to work this week!

I work mostly at home so not much has actually changed, except I’ll just be following orders from someone at work now instead of my wife :-) My employers have been brilliant throughout the whole ordeal and I’m glad to be back.. I’d high five someone but I’m acutely aware I’m talking to myself and no-one reads this blog :-P

Now I have to figure out how to make up 38 missed days utilisation without alerting the wife.

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Woohoo! A firefox plugin…. but what does it do? http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/03/14/woohoo-a-firefox-plugin-but-what-does-it-do/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/03/14/woohoo-a-firefox-plugin-but-what-does-it-do/#comments Fri, 14 Mar 2014 23:03:52 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=70 Continue reading ]]> So I made my first Firefox plugin,  it doesn’t do much, very little at all really and I wouldn’t say it’s 100% stable either! In fact this plugin will almost certainly crash your browser at least once, still trying to figure out why but once it gets going it should be stable enough for a bit and then everything will be divine!

Anyway, if you want to give it a go, the link to the installer is below with some instructions.

Download Woohoo! Firefox Plugin


Download Woohoo! Firefox Plugin


  • Install plugin
  • Browse to the location where it does it’s thing.
  • Enable the plugin through the menu bar (Press ‘Alt’ if you can’t see it)
  • Reload the page
  • Surpise!


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Enabling RDP Remotely http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/03/02/enabling-rdp-remotely/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2014/03/02/enabling-rdp-remotely/#comments Sun, 02 Mar 2014 02:06:16 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/blog/?p=63 Continue reading ]]> So I was just fucking about with my blog while watching House of cards, and trying to remember how I mangled word press and wtf all these shell scripts were… so now that I’ve done all that, I feel I need to post something, anything , before I hit the 2 years between posts limit :-)

So, here’s a tip for enabling RDP remotely using WMIC!

wmic /node:<IP> /user:administrator /password:password path  Win32_TerminalServiceSetting where AllowTSConnections=”0″ call SetAllowTSConnections “1″


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Christmas 2012 Bucket List http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/11/20/christmas-2012-bucket-list/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/11/20/christmas-2012-bucket-list/#comments Tue, 20 Nov 2012 15:12:08 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/life-blog/?p=23 Continue reading ]]> I’ve been a bit bah-humbug the last few years and a couple of times we’ve even ditched the family and went to a hacker conference in Berlin… but Sophie is getting older now and I think it’s time to get all “Clark Griswold” on this bitch…


  • Christmas Elf brings Jammies
  • Christmas photo of Sophie for Christmas Cards.
  • Put together package for SVDP
  • Go Ice Skating
  • Visit Christmas Market
  • Go to a Pantomime
  • Decorate Inside house / Tree
  • Decorate Outside house / Tree
  • Make Salt Decorations for the Tree
  • Go on a winter Ramble
  • Play in the snow…
  • If no snow, find snow…
  • Cup Painting
  • Make winter paper chains
  • Make papter snowmen and Snowflakes
  • Make Christmas Pictures
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Bake Snowman Cookies
  • Play Holiday Music
  • Visit Santa
  • Christmas Movies Galore!
  • Make Christmas treats for Christmas day @ mums
  • Find out what an ice collage is before commiting to make one


Pantomime tickets got!


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Bringing the voice of Teejay to the world! http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/09/26/bringing-the-voice-of-teejay-to-the-world/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/09/26/bringing-the-voice-of-teejay-to-the-world/#comments Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:56:16 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/life-blog/?p=19 I don’t really do blogs, it’s partially down to my paranoia with dynamic inputs and it’s partially because I’ve got nothing interesting to say. Regardless, I’ve now got this blog as I’ve sorted out one of my two problems… :-)

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Disney Adventures! http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/09/26/disney-adventures/ http://www.teejay.org/blog/2012/09/26/disney-adventures/#comments Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:49:39 +0000 teejay http://www.teejay.org/life-blog/?p=13 Continue reading ]]> Need a test post, just stealing this one that I made for Lisa’s blog :-)

We booked a trip to Euro-Disney for us and our three year old daughter arriving on a Thursday late afternoon and leaving Sunday night, we did the usual preparation before we left and asked for advice from people that had been before, checked trip advisor etc but essentially we were winging it. I’d like to give a bit of Disney advice (specifically for 3 year olds!) as well as reviewing the hotel, so apologies if you’ve heard it all before!

The Airport: we arrived at CDG airport, some strange men were hanging around the terminal asking people if they were going to Disney, maybe these were for people that booked buses or taxis but they didn’t have signs with names and looked more like touts… regardless, we never saw the people that went with them again so you decide their fate. There are two main ways to get to Disney from the airport.. shuttlebus (~60 minutes) or TGV fast train (~10 minutes).. The train was 27 euro per adult and free for our child, I think this is a little more expensive than the shuttle but I wanted to go 200mph… You may need to walk for about 10 minutes to get to either transport method so just keep following the signs for SNCF, avoid the RER as this is the underground to paris. When you get to the right area you’ll go down some escalators and if you’ve not bought your ticket online then go to the big purple TGV office and get your tickets there, the destination is Chessy Marne la Vallée which is the first stop but if you just mutter disney at them in a bad french accent and look humble and apologetic then you’ll end up with some tickets and probably told to look for a specific destination, for us it was Marseille, it wasn’t as much fun as I had thought but does only take 10 minutes and you’re at the station which is basically in Disney.

Arriving at the Disney complex: When you leave the train station you will see all the buses, you will also see your hotel over the tree line if you’re staying in the New York. You can walk to the hotel, it’s very close but you either have to enter the park and walk down the village or out on to the road and it’s a lot easier to just hop on the bus and they’ll bring you right to the door.

The New York hotel: The hotel lobby was busy but the check-in was quick and the staff were very nice to both us and our daughter, later in our stay I noticed large queues for check-in when shuttle buses were off-loading their cargo so enjoy that if you didn’t get the train :-) All the questions I had buzzing around in my head were answered before I had to ask, they provided maps, tickets, a little name tag for our daughter and an easy-pass which could be used to get in to the park from 8am-10am before the official opening time (More on this later). The easy pass can also be converted to a charge card so you can buy things in the park and have it added to your hotel bill which might save you money depending on your bank card as it’s only one transaction at the end. Breakfast runs in time slots and you’ll be asked what time you wish to go to breakfast, this is odd but probably a necessity to cope with the volume of people, I am not a morning person but if you have younger children I’d recommend 7:30am to give you plenty of chance to get to the park for pre-access. They’ll also give you a map of the hotel which describes the different areas and room locations, read it as the room numbering doesn’t make much sense!

We had a standard room with two double beds, there was nothing special about the room and it was a bit dated but it was clean and comfortable and had all the things we needed, there is a small safe that will hold your passports etc, the key is a real key so don’t lose it. There is a small old TV with a dodgy remote that we sometimes put on for background noise so we didn’t have to talk to each other while we lay half dead from all the walking, on it is a number of Disney channels from various countries but only one english one and the program selection was of no interest to a 3 year old, we were hardly in the room for this to be much of a concern though. If you’re on the ground floor then you’ll likely also have a window/door for access to the outside, handy but can’t be locked from the outside. The only complaint was that our daughter was napping one afternoon when the cleaners came in ignorning the “Do not disturb” sign, so if you’re little one is napping put the door bar on as well!

There are two restaurants on site, we only tried the park side diner which is also where breakfast is supposed to take place but more often than not during our stay it was moved to the city bar which in my opinion was much more comfortable. This will probably be your first experience of disney processed food and high traffic food production systems. Try not to concern yourself people, the food is rubbish almost everywhere and costs a fortune for what it is; accept this fact early and deal with it. I suspect there may be nicer restaurants around the place and even the other one in the hotel looks like it has a nicer menu but we didn’t invest enough time trying to find any others and just put up with the food situation. Breakfast time is a good time to grab a few bits of fruit for the day plus there are a few shops where you can get sandwiches etc, many people brought their own and I was often jealous of them and maybe in future visits we’ll bring / find food not full of empty calories. You’ll probably also by now have heard people moaning about something or other, most of these people are high maintenance with unfounded complaints… or founded but need to chill out.

Each morning (and maybe other times I don’t know) there is a meet and greet with disney characters in the lobby, usually there is one character a 5 minute break then another character, the queues for this feature (service? opportunity?) are more than acceptable and you’ll not have to wait long for your child to see their beloved Disney hero, or in our case watch them chuck the autograph book at them and run away in the opposite direction screaming.

There are other things around the hotel we didn’t use like the ice rink which because it’s seasonal was full of those big balls you get in to and run about in, the roger rabbit corner which seems to be just that, a corner (with some seats and a fake car), the swimming pool and arcade. Most of these things would interest older children but we didn’t hang around much and went in search of more age appropriate ventures in the park.

Day One
We arrived on a Thursday late afternoon and needed food so headed straight out. The hotel is at the top of the Disney Village, which is really just a street with a number of food places and shops, and we wanted to go to the other end which has a Planet Holywood. As you walk down through the Disney village answering all your childs questions and asking her to close her mouth from dropped jaw excitement you begin to feel the first tingle in your wallet as your child looks on at all the other children with various Disney apparel and Dodads. Now you’re faced with a decision, to buy or not to buy. Your child is three and can be distracted with much lies and deceipt, I’m quite sensible with cash I think but not enough to deny my daughter in this type of situation (albeit peppered with a small dose of practicality and a modicum of common sense) We didn’t buy anything right away, and took that day to survey what was available so after food which extracted about 90 euro out of us we went to the park , it was getting late but with the timezone difference Sophie was good to go for another hour or so. When we got in people were starting to gather, we suspected it was for the light show that happens before the park closes so we had a look around then picked a spot and waited…. and waited… then a bit more waiting, more people… soon we were in a sea of people many of which were holding iPads and then eventually the show was about to begin and we all stood and looked at the castle like rabbits caught in the headlights. What we were about to see was amazingly well done and I’ll not insult the creators by trying to describe it, the only thing that annoyed me was standing in a sea of fecking eejits holding up their slabs (iPads) capturing memories for later reminisicing. It would be nice for people to stop and experience it with their own eyes rather than through a ridiculously big camera. First day complete and back to the hotel for some sleep as we were all knackered.

Day Two
Friday morning, Minor grumbling this morning due to the music we heard until after midnight followed by a major facepalm when we realised we left the window open. We trundled over to breakfast in search of sustinence and got some fruit to take with us before setting of on our proper Disney adventure. The 8am-10am pre-access allows hotel guests to gain access prior to opening, there is only a few rides available at this time but thankfully it’s most of the ones that a 3 year old can go on! (Dumbo, teacups, smallworld, the carousel and peter pan if it wasn’t shut while we were there), queueing for rides was quick and sometimes there was practically no queue. Sophie was a bit unsure of some of the rides and needed some encouragement (physical dragging) but over the next few days grew to enjoy the rides.

After the park opened the crowds were not that bad, we casually walked about and probably had lunch somewhere and I’m sure I probably grumbled about the cost and then we went back to the hotel so Sophie could have a nap. This is when the cracks began to form around the sensible approach to purchasing items but it came fast and swift and a trip to the main Disney shop occured with a princess dress at 60 euro but she never shuts up about princesses and she near wet herself looking at all the dresses, don’t worry I’m sure there are plenty of other trigger items out there for you dads with boys! As a father I can tell you now that you will buy that dress for your daughter, you just will… yes it’s over 50 quid and costs more than anything you’ve bought yourself in the last year but you know you’re going to because the additional enjoyment and happiness added to her Disney trip will increase exponentially with each step she takes as a princess.

Anyway… I started this as a review for trip advisor, didn’t actually advise on much and had a rant but I’m bored now … I’ll let Lisa finish :P


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